My heart raced through this lonely path

As I chased after my beloved towards the south

Not willing to let go the immense love ever felt

As our skin melted with so much sweat

Catching up to my love without rest

Just to free this aching heart from its nest

Giving up was solely out of the question

As I set out on that deadly mission

Little did I know I was cast by a spell

One I was happy with, my heart could tell

My soul still ached for her beloved till dawn

Until it was sure of it’s safety it saw

A miracle, I hope for just a moment

Just as the moon shaped a blessed crescent

Guessing nature decided to give me a hand

In the very time I became unsure of my stand

My beloved looked so tender and younger

Smiling back at me made me stronger

Without any regrets my aged eyes disclosed

Fulfilling a desire was worth the sacrifice

My youth had to pay as its price



No where to hide

wide angle photo of road

No where to hide

My world froze for a while

Not taking away my eyes off from what stood in front of me

Like an aggrieved shadow that keeps tormenting

Without sparing a chance of bliss

Cries echoing with the amalgamation of whispers elucidating terror

Praying to who knows whom

Was quite a chapter yet to be discovered

Haven’t tasted what was yet to be experienced

Maybe karma was merely being a bitch to me

“Help” gave a plausible excuse to embark on a farewell trip

I guess after all it could not handle such predicament either

Trying to survive sounded like a game of truce with a predetermined winner

Closing my eyes and hoping that nature snatched back its air became a wish

That even death had to questioned with an ugly furrow brow

Surviving became a task with an indefinite bench mark

Maybe my sins finally chose a perfect misery with some bonuses

But did not play fair this time around and took me unaware

Siding was not an option neither was it a matter of want

Muttering became a lousy lullaby with an inaudible note

Whips were a ticking register that became an observable function

Dooms day in hell, no where to hide